I read long ago, Athena, was the goddess of arts and crafts. Allegorists have often used Athena as a symbol of freedom and democracy. These are important pursuits in many lives, but they have been the most consuming and important concerns at varying times, my entire life. She has been described as the warrior goddess, but I was more impressed with her depiction as goddess of peace. 

In 1990, few months after I left Nashville, at her official unveiling, King Constantine II, the exiled king of Greece, addressing the crowd stated, “What you are doing here will remind everyone the world over of Greek history and culture. This represents the bond between the oldest democracy and the most powerful democracy in the world.” 

My having some time to finally do what I have always craved doing full time and the U.S.A’s first real brush with losing our democracy have coincided. 

Hopefully, we will always have freedom to choose our own religious or non-religious beliefs as a free nation. The hurt I have experienced from people claiming religious superiority has been ongoing in my life. My favorite quote in history, by Queen Elizabeth I,"I have no desire to make windows into mens souls,” speaks to the impossibility of really knowing those we think have common beliefs. 

Recently, I have been able to pursue my lifelong quest of writing songs full time the last couple of years. I’ve been trying to catch up on all the things I wished I could have learned early in life. 

My songs are different in subject matter, but writing positive, uplifting songs that contribute to the healing of the human spirit is very important to me. Very few people know of Athenah music, but I have known for most of my soon to be 65 years, the great masters who composed music didn’t have any more passion than I do creating music.