I try to listen for songwriting trends since it is my occupation. It got me wondering how much of what humans want to hear in music has changed and will be changing. I asked chat GPT what the percentage breakdowns were in the subject categories of songs. It came up with an estimate as follows.

Love and relationships: 40% 
Social and political issues: 20% 
Personal experiences and emotions: 15% 
Fun and entertainment: 15% 
Nature and the environment: 5% 
Religion and spirituality: 3% 
Historical events and figures: 2%

Increasing video game interest might influence these numbers as the most listened to type of music. 

It's ironic, the more people we put on the planet the more isolated we all seem to become. Having a significant other in one's life seems to be harder to attain for many people. Music reminds us how we are feeling or perhaps how we want to feel.  Caring in a crowded world is becoming more important than ever. 

The subject of my songwriting has been to remind us of the importance of the nurturing female spirit that is within all of us. We all have to navigate some type of relationship to get through life. The understanding everyone has some type of struggle in their lives, gives us the compassion we need for ourselves. 

As it becomes harder putting faith in finding someone who would add to or make our lives a little easier, I can see songs about someone else's importance in our lives, falling away. When times become more difficult to navigate alone, perhaps we will see a return to forming bonds that make life a little easier. Words of appreciation for people who encourage and support us will hopefully always be the style in human existence. Songs with lyrics make that an infinitely more memorable and fun.

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